Hi! Nice to meet you!

My name is Steffi, I was born in the early eighties in the Ruhr valley in Germany. Since 2023 I live in Auckland, New Zealand! I share my life with my Kiwi husband and our two girls. We are a bilingual household, which means not only Quiltwerke switches between languages, but the rest of my life also happens in both, German and English. We love to travel and are currently getting to know all the beautiful corners of our second home country, New Zealand.

For many years I worked as a scientist in environmental research. 2020 this little shop started as a little adventure in my spare time and has since grown into my main source of income. I love my work every day! I strongly believe in making a difference and am a great advocate of education, support and encouragement of both children and adults. One day I would love to live in a world in which many children dream of becoming a researcher or scientist instead of a football star, top model or singer.

I tried my hand at many different creative hobbies, but nothing really stuck. Until one day I found a patchwork book and I fell head over heels in love with quilting. That was 12 years ago - since then I have been sewing quilts with unrelenting enthusiasm.

For me, it is the best hobby in the world - choosing fabrics and the creative visual process; working with clever instructions or figuring out how to create a pattern myself; the blocks as wonderful little interim results; letting loose with geometric or playful quilting designs; even the feel of the fabrics on my hands. For me, the monotony of the individual process steps is incredibly meditative. Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) is like a puzzle, trying to incorparate special details with fussy cutting shapes and images. Sewing by hand is pure relaxation - hand quilting is yoga on the sofa, ideally accompanied by a glass of good wine. English Paper Piecing (EPP) also relaxes me and is the perfect travel companion. And finally the finished quilt - either using it myself on the sofa, happily watching my children play with it, or falling asleep cuddled under it. And so often the experience of seeing the joy of the recipient of a quilty gift. I'm not good at expressing my love with words. Instead, I do it with quilts.

For many years I have been sharing insights into my work on Instagram through @quiltwerke, showing sewing tips, tutorials and enjoying the exchange with the awesome community of quilters. With my products, I want to share my joy of quilting with others in the form of instructions and patterns for both beginner quilters and sewists, and those who love the world of quilting as much as I do. I am definitely not done with this adventure. Will you join me?


Friederike from @piecestopatch

Friederike is the first member of the 'Quiltwerke and Friends` team and I couldn't have been happier when she accepted! She is a great quilter who has been sharing her knowledge for years and loves interacting with the community. Her designs are modern, geometric and I love what she does with curves in her first pattern 'Upside Down Quilt'. If you would like to see more of her work I highly recommend her Instagram account @piecestopatch!